Photo Credits: Evermore Imaging

Photo Credits: Evermore Imaging


The Hooch has always been recognized for the high quality of their live performances. Their radio-quality sound combines elements of pop, soul, and smooth vocals to create a pleasing, unique experience that they have rightfully dubbed "Acoustic Magic".




Literally, the beginning to Jemar Phoenix's musical journey was pure poetry. His knack for writing love poems eventually lead him to the world of Hip Hop, where he quickly learned how to spit poetry over instrumentals. But then... he heard Boyz II Men for the first time. He quickly found himself spending countless hours belting out his favorite R&B hits. One day, he came across some extra cash, wandered into a music store and walked out with a guitar. He named her "Destiny", taught himself to play, and the rest is history! His versatility is showcased through radio-worthy originals, effortless high notes, and unique Top 40 cover songs. 


mike d

Growing up with roots in music both new and old, Mike D started writing rhymes and lyrics at a young age, and later transgressed into the world of Hip Hop, Soul and Indie Rock as an adult. Being the front man of Jivaro Barber, and having been in the band, Paperstreet, his rich tones and groovy lyrics set the precedent early for musical success. As a member of The Hooch, he has added another element to his repertoire: Percussion. Now, his swagger is always on display for all to see through the rhythmic magic that he pulls off on his Cajon, lead vocals that please both the ear and the soul, and the slick overlays of smooth harmonies.